Coronavirus: towards a ban on layoffs during the crisis?

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, the government could ban layoffs during the
health crisis.

There may well be no layoffs during the coronavirus crisis. While many sectors will
be heavily impacted economically by the Covid-19 pandemic, including the
restoration pandemic, the Echoes report that "no redundancy plans will be
accepted in the period".

"During the current period, there is zero redundancies," Labour Minister Muriel
Pénicaud told leaders of employers' and trade union organizations on Monday
(March 16th) on a conference call.

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Where possible, the government is asking companies in difficulty to resort to partial
unemployment rather than layoffs. To help companies penalized by the spread of
coronavirus, the state will take care of 100% of partial unemployment.

Prime Minister Édouard Philippe could endorse the measure late on Wednesday
after a meeting with social partners on "economic and social responses" to the
coronavirus crisis.

"Whatever the cost, we will face"

"Companies were hesitant to say that they could not afford to take care of it (...),
there we will reimburse 100% of partial unemployment in full, including above the
minimum wage," the minister said on Franceinfo last week. "We will take this into
account on the budget of the Ministry of Labour.

Whatever the cost, we will cope," she added. Until now, partial unemployment,
which compensates the employee to the tune of 70% of the gross salary and 84%
of the net salary, was only covered by the State at the level of the Smic. (translated)