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Sun, Apr 19 at 8:21 AM

I know so many of us are being impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak. If you'd prefer to take a break from updates about Senate races in these
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President Trump and his campaign spent their Saturday night lashing out and passing the blame. I spent it working.
He's been busy emailing about "Nervous Nancy" and "Cryin' Chuck." He's spent the last month blaming the World Health Organization, our
nation's governors, and anyone other than himself. So it's been us Democrats working to fix the mess this administration got us in.

On Friday it was reported that $350 billion that was meant to help small businesses around the country weather the storm of COVID-19 had
disappeared. Instead of benefitting small businesses on main street in your town, the money went to businesses either publicly traded or owned
by larger corporations. These are not small businesses.

So I joined other leaders in Washington to demand an investigation and transparency into how these loans were disbursed -- and instead of
leadership, just like always, we got blame.

Across our country, we see what true leaders look like. We see our first responders and medical professionals. We see grocery store clerks and
mail carriers. We see governors and mayors making hard decisions, based on science, in order to lead their communities. Unlike Donald Trump,
these Americans don't have time to play political games. They don't have time to tweet hateful rhetoric or inspire protests that put our public
health at risk.

Now more than ever, Americans deserve so much better than what they're getting from Donald Trump and DC Republicans.
We need to stand against these hateful attacks and focus on the work ahead. So let me be perfectly clear: That means electing senators who
will stand with the American people who are depending on us right now -- not the ones that will stand with Donald Trump, come hell or high
water. The high water's here -- that's why we need you, now.

I'll be spending the day getting to work, just like so many of you -- because this is too important to let schoolyard taunts distract us.

Chuck Schumer
Corona-Maßnahmen: Die Stadt Wien sagt Danke für Ihr Verständnis und Ihre Disziplin

Die Stadt Wien setzt alles daran, die Ausbreitung des Corona-Virus zu verhindern. Höchstes Ziel ist es, die
Wienerinnen und Wiener vor der neuen Lungenkrankheit Covid-19 zu schützen und alle gesicherten
Informationen transparent zu kommunizieren. Bürgermeister Michael Ludwig spricht im Video zur aktuellen Lage
in der Stadt.

Bitte bleiben Sie daheim! Verlassen Sie Ihr Zuhause nur für unbedingt notwendige Wege, und denken Sie an
das Tragen von Mund-Nasen-Schutz.
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10:44AM LVT April 19/2020 (LUPVIENNA)
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