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MT. WHITNEY TRAIL  Sierra Nevada
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Bright Angel, Half Dome & Mt. Whitney Trails
Château de Chillon on Lake Geneva in Switzerland
Château de Chillon, aka Chillon Castle, sits just on the eastern shore of Lake Geneva in
Switzerland. Chillon is technically an island fortress, built on a small stone outcropping with the
lake forming a moat. The castle dates back to at least 1150, when it was under the control of
the Counts of Savoy. In the 13th century, Count Peter II—also called the Little Charlemagne—
built several additions. It’s believed that the fortress is composed of nearly 100 different
structures that were connected over the centuries to form the current stronghold.
Sierra Wave
The Sierra Wave is a type of lenticular cloud created by winds that lift off the Sierra Nevada
mountain range of California. Known as lee waves, Sierra Waves form as winds hit the Sierra
Nevada and are forced to rise, causing water vapor to condense as it cools and forming lenticular
clouds on the leeward side of the mountain range. These clouds can remain stationary for many
hours. The formation of a Sierra Wave is dependent upon many factors, including wind speed and
direction, leeward wind patterns, and water vapor. Given that Sierra Waves are dependent upon
many variables their formation is unpredictable.